Our Services

Here's what we can do for you

Develop Business Plans

  • We help you create a professional plan complete with financials and charts so you'll be ready to awe investors or lenders
  • Business plans for all purposes including traditional businesses, lean startups, non-profits, etc.
  • Plans include key sections including marketing, sales, funding requests, organization/management, and market analysis
  • Confidently stand behind your new or updated business plan

Book and Record Keeping

  • We know that trust and accuracy is important to you, it's pretty important to us, too
  • Professional full-cycle bookkeeping with accruate and efficient data preparation and entry
  • Payment processing and deposits, writing cheques
  • Handling and processing mail and other documents
  • Flexible and secure record keeping

Inventory Management

  • Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it's stocked, and how much you'll need
  • We provide inventory planning, replenishment services, material optimization
  • Inventory cost accounting
  • Warehouse operations optimization
  • Let us help you streamline your inventory lifecycle

Structural and Feasibility Studies

  • A feasibility study is a systematic study to understand whether or not a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible
  • Get to a go / no-go decision with confidence
  • We can help build studies based on reality - not pure speculation or abstract theories
  • We'll help define the project, venture, or approach to ensure specific hypotheses can be tested
  • Does your business have benchmarks or hurdles that need to be surpassed?

Long Term Planning

  • Our long-term planning specialists will help you understand your business years into the future
  • Deliberate and focused long-range forecasting
  • Learn how to handle uncertainty and unexpected change
  • Understand whether specific goals and targets are realistic
  • Let us help you optimize long-range planning practices

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